Jaimie Nagle is not your uncle’s copywriter.

Trained as a poet, I take great pleasure in the micro-world of words. Grammar makes me giggle, syntax makes me smile, and alliteration makes me dance like only my dog is watching. And if you couldn’t already tell, I’m also a big fan of the Oxford Comma.

But more than anything, I enjoy providing creative solutions for your business. I specialize in writing articles and blogging about travel and destinations, house and home, education, and food and food culture. I love writing in different voices in order to capture a variety of market segments.

With over ten years of experience as an editor and over three years of experience as a digital content creator, my goal is to deliver solutions unique to each individual and company.

Jaimie Nagle


Jaimie Nagle

"Writer. Doctor of English Literature. Lady with a power tool."


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